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Top Shopping Places for Carolina Beach and Kure Beach


Visiting Carolina Beach and Kure Beach? Though these stunning locations are well known for their beautiful beaches, they also harbor an abundance of shopping opportunities that you won’t want to miss. From local boutiques to unique gift shops, there’s something for everyone. Let’s explore the top shopping places to visit when you’re in these beach towns.

CB Surf Shop


Located in the heart of Carolina Beach, CB Surf Shop has evolved into the ultimate destination for surf enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. Since opening its doors in 2002, the shop has been dedicated to enriching the coastal lifestyle experience for its patrons through a comprehensive offering of surfboards, equipment, and a wide range of apparel. The passionate and knowledgeable staff at CB Surf Shop goes above and beyond to ensure every customer finds exactly what they need to embrace the coastal vibes, whether they are a seasoned surfer or a beach stroller looking for quality gear or fashion.

Spanning over 3,500 square feet of retail space, CB Surf Shop is proud to present an extensive selection of merchandise organized thoughtfully across four distinct rooms. Customers can explore everything from men’s and women’s apparel, kids’ CB gear, and an entire room dedicated to sandals, to the latest in surfboards in the surfboard room. Moreover, the shop extends its offerings beyond surfing to include a full-service skateboard shop, Another Skateshop, catering to the skateboarding community with ample supplies. From surfboard and SUP rentals available year-round for all skill levels to a commitment to carrying more than 50 of the favorite surf and active brands, CB Surf Shop stands as a beacon for the surf and skate culture in Carolina Beach.

Saltwater Surf Art

SaltWater Surf Art stands as a beacon for enthusiasts of the sea and surf culture, a niche that artist Sheila Faye has elegantly claimed and transformed into a canvas of expression. With just a subtle hint provided by the website scrape noting “Meet Sheila Faye,” visitors are intrigued to explore further, to uncover the stories, inspirations, and creations that Sheila shares through her art. The simplicity of the homepage acts as the first stroke on a canvas, suggesting that the art and artist behind these creations value authenticity and connection with the audience.

Sheila Faye’s dedication to encapsulating the spirit of the surf in her art adds a distinctive touch to the online art landscape. Her work promises not just aesthetic pleasure but a dive into the depths of surf culture, articulated through each piece she creates. For those who find solace in the salty air and the rhythm of the waves, Sheila’s art is an invitation to bring a piece of that love and passion into their spaces.

Sip and Paint

Sip and Paint Carolina Beach is an inviting oasis for novices and experienced painters alike, blending artistic expression with leisure in an atmosphere that’s as relaxing as the coastal town itself. At this local gem, brushes dance along the canvas to a rhythm of laughter and camaraderie, with each stroke manifesting the joy of creation. The studio provides a cozy, intimate setting where visitors can indulge in their passion for art while enjoying their favorite beverage, turning a regular evening into an extraordinary experience. 

The charm of Sip and Paint Carolina Beach is not just in the art you take home, but in the experience tailored to bring communities together. Birthdays, team-building, date nights, or just-because gatherings are transformed into vibrant celebrations of creativity, with the studio offering specialized private events that cater to each group’s unique vibe. For those looking for extra convenience, their mobile service is an absolute game-changer, delivering the Sip and Paint experience to your doorstep, be it your home, office, vacation rentals, or even a beachfront locale.

Sumthin Beachie

Step through the doors of Sumthin Beachie and you’re instantly embraced by a sea breeze of charm and whimsy. Located in the heart of Carolina Beach, NC, this beloved shop, managed by local resident Kelly Knight, is more than just a destination; it’s a coastal emporium that captures the soul of beach living. Acclaimed for its warm welcome and diverse range of products, Sumthin Beachie stands as a hallmark of local commerce, offering shoppers a treasure trove of beach-themed goods that echo the town’s serene spirit.

As you wander the five rooms of this quaint establishment, your eyes are treated to a visual feast of local art, one-of-a-kind furnishings, and eclectic collectibles tailored for anyone infatuated with the ocean’s lull. Each corner of Sumthin Beachie tells its own story, with eye-catching accessories that promise to transform any ordinary space into a beach-inspired sanctuary. Be it a hand-painted seashell, a piece of driftwood art, or a nautical knick-knack, Kelly Knight’s curation ensures that each item in Sumthin Beachie isn’t just sold but lovingly selected to bring a slice of Carolina Beach charm into your home.

Beach Blooms

This premier flower shop, known for its beautiful and thoughtful arrangements, has made a name for itself as the go-to destination for those seeking to convey their emotions through the language of blooms. Whether it’s a vibrant birthday arrangement, a solemn sympathy bouquet, or a loving gesture for Valentine’s Day, Beach Blooms crafts each piece with care and dedication, ensuring that each flower delivery in Carolina Beach is special.

Beach Blooms prides itself on its ability to weave together stunning arrangements for any occasion, making sending flowers not just a transaction, but a meaningful exchange. From the freshest stems picked for funeral arrangements to hand-designed bouquets that say “I love you,” the expert florists at Beach Blooms are committed to delivering quality and beauty. Furthermore, the convenience of online ordering paired with same-day delivery service emphasizes their commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that no matter the occasion or budget, Beach Blooms can help you brighten someone’s day with the freshest flowers in Carolina Beach.

Seaside Shenanigans

At Seaside Shenanigans, the art of elevating your beach experience is taken to a whole new level. The star of the show? Brumate products, designed with the innovative BevGuard™ technology, ensure your beverages retain their perfect temperature down to the very last sip. This isn’t just an addition to your beach gear; it’s a revolution in how you enjoy your drinks by the seaside. Imagine lounging under the sun, the sound of waves serenading you, and your drink – cold and refreshing from start to finish. Seaside Shenanigans makes this dream a reality, offering a range of Brumate items that promise both style and functionality. 

But the allure of Seaside Shenanigans doesn’t stop at beverage perfection. They extend their promise of quality and sophistication into their selection of summer bags, blending style, elegance, and durability seamlessly. Each accessory, be it made from eco-friendly canvas, luxurious leather, or unique hides, speaks volumes of sophistication while promising to stand the test of time and travel. These summer bags are not just carriers for your essentials; they are fashion statements crafted with the beach-goer in mind, designed to complement any seaside ensemble while being practical enough for every adventure. With Seaside Shenanigans, every detail of your beach outing is elevated, ensuring that style and functionality go hand in hand as you make unforgettable memories by the shore.

The Giftshop at the Fort Fisher Aquarium

Tucked away near the sun-kissed shores of Kure Beach lies something truly magical: the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. It’s not just a place to gaze at the grace of marine life; it’s a world that draws you in, heart first, into the depths of underwater wonders. And just when you think the adventure ends, their charming little gift shop beckons, ready to turn memories into treasures you can keep. Stepping inside, you’ll find it’s crammed with goodies that scream (or rather, gently whisper) ‘take me home!’ From cuddly sea creature plushies that beg for a squeeze to apparel that says ‘I care about the ocean’, every item has a story, a piece of the sea’s heart.

Shopping here feels like you’re still holding hands with the ocean, even as you wave goodbye. Looking for a gift that keeps the spirit of adventure alive? Or perhaps a sparkly reminder of your deep-sea journey? This shop’s got you covered. And the best part? Every purchase is a high-five to the environment. You’re not just snagging a keepsake; you’re supporting the aquarium’s vital conservation work, helping to nurture and protect the ocean’s wonders for kids and grown-ups yet to dive into this mesmerizing world. It’s like the ocean’s way of saying ‘thanks!’ So, whether you’re gifting or treating yourself, you’re spreading a little bit of that Fort Fisher magic, one sea-inspired gem at a time.

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