Pet-Friendly Things to Do in Carolina and Kure Beach, North Carolina


If you’re planning a trip and can’t bear the thought of leaving your beloved pet behind, you should consider heading to Carolina Beach and Kure Beach in North Carolina. Not only do these locations offer stunning scenery and a diverse selection of activities, they’re also exceptionally pet-friendly. So cling on as we delve into some amazing pet-friendly things to do in this beautiful part of the world.

Visit the Beaches

Carolina Beach


The beautiful and engaging Carolina Beach is widely recognized for its lively atmosphere that caters to all, including your four-legged pals. Welcoming leashed pets all year round, this beach destination offers a friendly environment for pets and pet parents alike. The soft sandy shores and refreshing ocean breezes provide an ideal setting for daily walks or energetic games of fetch. However, during the peak tourism months, from April 1st through September 30th, a bit of planning is needed, as there are hourly restrictions; dogs are only permitted on the beach from 5 pm until 9 am. This allows the beach to be cleaned and maintained for everyone to enjoy. But don’t despair, for the rest of the year, your fur babies can enjoy the beach with you at any time, guaranteeing countless joy-filled moments and cherished memories.


Freeman Park at Carolina Beach


Further, Carolina Beach offers another gem, Freeman Park – an outdoor paradise that is incredibly accommodating to pets. This park warmly invites pets during all times of the day throughout the year as long as they’re comfortably leashed. Beyond typical beach activities, Freeman Park presents an excellent opportunity for camping alongside your canine companion. Imagine starry nights with the soothing sounds of the waves crashing nearby while your faithful friend stays guard, an experience both you and your pet will undoubtedly appreciate. Whether you want an adventurous daytime outing or a tranquil moonlit experience, Freeman Park at Carolina Beach caters to every need, solidifying it as one of the most pet-friendly locations in North Carolina.

Kure Beach


A haven for dog-owners and their four-legged companions, Kure Beach shows an extraordinary blend of serene beauty and dog-friendly attributes. Although pets are given access to the beach only during the off-peak months, which span from October to March, this period perfectly matches the need for a soothing fall or rejuvenating winter beach getaway.

As summer crowds wave goodbye, Kure Beach transforms into a tranquil, welcoming retreat for dogs and their owners. During these less bustling months, your furry companion can run freely along the expansive, less crowded beach, feeling the cool water on their paws, sniffing the salty air, and digging into the soft sand. The cooler temperatures during these months also ensure the sand won’t be too hot for their sensitive paws, giving you more worry-free and fun playtime on the beach.

Consequently, the dog-friendly months of October to March facilitate a more relaxed environment, making Kure Beach ideal for leisurely strolls at sunrise or sunset, or even just lounging lazily under the warm winter sun. The tranquil atmosphere makes bonding time with your pet even more special and memorable, all against the backdrop of pristine beauty, endless ocean views, and the cool, relaxing sea breeze.

Explore Pet-Friendly Parks

Mike Chappell Park in Carolina Beach

Serving as a sanctuary for both humans and their furry companions, Mike Chappell Park, nestled in Carolina Beach, is a family-friendly oasis. This inviting enclave marries comfort and entertainment, accommodating the needs of all its visitors with an array of beguiling amenities.

For the human visitors, the park houses an assortment of enticing facilities that cultivate an enriching and enjoyable experience. With spacious and well-kept sports facilities including soccer fields, tennis, and basketball courts, outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in an invigorating game. Younger family members can enjoy their day at the colorful and imaginative playground that captures every child’s fascination. The covered picnic shelters set amidst scenic landscapes offer the perfect setting for savoring a wonderful outdoor meal with your loved ones.

On the flip side, the park also caters to its furry visitors with equal enthusiasm. A designated fenced-in area serves as a play paradise for dogs, allowing them to run and prance around safely, mingling with other canine pals. This secure enclosure allows your furry friends to stretch their legs, play to their heart’s desire, feel the grass under their paws, and experience the excitement of being part of a pack while you sit back and relax.

With all of these fantastic amenities, Mike Chappell Park provides the perfect setting for a fun-filled family outing, encompassing the needs of every family member, even the four-legged ones. A day at this park is guaranteed to strengthen the bond you share with your family, both human and canine, making lasting memories in the process.

Joe Eakes Park in Kure Beach

The charming Joe Eakes Park in Kure Beach serves as an outstanding example of a multi-faceted, family-focused recreational area. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of its visitors, this park only promises fun-filled, invigorating experiences for both young children and exuberant dogs alike.

For the kids, the park is home to an awe-inspiring playground that guarantees hours of amusement. The playground is beautifully designed with a variety of colorful, safe, and engaging play equipment. Children can climb, slide, swing, and swirl around, feeding their imagination and promoting their physical well-being. Every corner of the playground comes alive with the echoes of children’s laughter and exhilaration, making Joe Eakes Park a place of cheerful escapades for the young ones.

For your energetic dog, the park brings equal joy and engagement in the form of a fenced-in dog area. Here, your lovable canine can unleash their boundless energy, running, jumping, and playing in a secure and controlled environment. This designated zone is designed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your pet, while they are let off the leash to roam freely. Away from the constraints of domestic life, your dog can socialize with other dogs, frolic around in the fresh air, and enjoy the freedom of open space, all under your watchful eye.

In addition, the park also offers a relaxing backdrop for adults seeking to unwind and soak in the beautiful scenery, making it an ideal place for a family picnic.

Take a Stroll on the Boardwalks

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Embraced and celebrated as one of the “Top 10 Boardwalks” by Food & Wine magazine, the renowned Carolina Beach Boardwalk offers an unmatched experience for all its visitors, including your beloved furry pals. Its convergence of scenic beauty, well-maintained walkways, eclectic shops, and vibrant eateries make this location truly remarkable and a joy to explore.

This esteemed recognition is not without merit. For starters, the expansive view of the shimmering sea juxtaposed with a vibrant assortment of beach-themed boutiques, restaurants, and venues catering to live music and amusement rides, adds to the allure of this beautiful boardwalk. The boardwalk’s atmosphere is electric and enticing, providing a delightful sensory experience with the scent of delectable food wafting in the air, the sounds of family merriment, all set amid spectacular seaside views.

What’s more impressive is this boardwalk’s commitment to being pet-accommodating. It warmly invites pets all year round, making it an incredible venue for frequent pet-inclusive family outings. Imagine taking a leisurely stroll with your canine companion, the two of you basking in the calming melodies of crashing waves while also enjoying the bustling energy of the boardwalk.

During the summer season, which spans from April 1 to September 30, the boardwalk implements specific pet-friendly hours. During this period, you can walk your pet between the cool hours of 5 pm and 9 am. This regulation ensures the safety and comfort of your pet, considering the afternoon sun can get quite warm. So, evening and morning walks are not only picturesque but also more comfortable for your four-legged friend.

Fort Fisher State Recreation Area in Kure Beach

Steeped in historical significance and abounding in natural beauty, the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area located in Kure Beach stands as a unique destination that welcomes visitors of all species, including our four-legged friends. Offering a rare blend of enriching and explorative activities, this area invites pets on leashes to accompany you in an unforgettable journey of discovery and leisure.

At the heart of this Recreation Area lies the historic Fort Fisher, a prominent Confederate fort during the American Civil War. As you stroll through the trails of Fort Fisher with your leashed pet at your side, you’ll step back in time, experiencing history in its most palpable form. Each path you traverse in this area whispers tales of a bygone era, bringing to life stories of bravery and resilience.

Scattered across this well-preserved fort are numerous markers and monuments that commemorate the heroes from past ages. Exploring these remarkable historic landmarks doesn’t just feed your curiosity but also provides an invigorating walk for your pet. You can almost see the past reenact itself in front of your eyes, while your furry companion joyfully explores the new surroundings.

Besides diving into history, the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area also offers the tranquility and allure of stunning seaside nature trails. Your leashed pet is welcome to accompany you on these pathways that carve their way through a variety of landscapes. You’ll find yourselves traversing trails that meander through lush maritime forests, sandy dunes, and beach strands, providing a brilliant and increasingly engaging experience for your pet. These walks are not only immensely beneficial for their health but also for their mental wellness.

The sight of different wildlife species, the scent of native flora, the feel of the ocean’s breezy kiss, and the soothing sounds of waves breaking against the shore will all contribute to an enriching sensory experience for your pet.

Dine Out at Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Feeling peckish after all those activities? Enjoy some of the pet-friendly dining options available.

Good Hops Brewing at Carolina Beach

Good Hops Brewing

A one-of-a-kind gathering spot that caters to both beer enthusiasts and dog lovers, Good Hops Brewing, nestled in the beautiful setting of Carolina Beach, stands as a beacon of unique hospitality and exceptional craft beer. This dog-friendly brewery champions an inclusive and affable environment, forming the perfect recipe of leisure, indulgence, and camaraderie for both you and your four-legged companion.

Good Hops Brewing specializes in crafting exquisite, locally brewed beers that cater to every palate. From the light to the dark, the crisp to the robust, their selection boasts an eclectic range of flavors, bound to leave even the most discerning beer aficionado both delighted and refreshed. As you sip on these fine, small-batch brews, you’ll get a glimpse of the skill, commitment, and passion that the talented team at Good Hops puts into every beer.

While you indulge in the flavorful world of craft beers, your fur buddy can join in on the fun, thanks to the brewery’s pet-friendly policy. Good Hops Brewing encourages you to bring your canine companion to accompany you at this hip and relaxed gathering place. The open and airy environment, combined with the warm and welcoming atmosphere, sets an ideal stage for you and your pet to connect with other like-minded beer and dog lovers. This camaraderie adds a unique layer of enjoyment to the overall experience.

Knowing that your dog is welcome to socialize and mingle with other furry friends forms the foundation of true relaxation, enabling you to savor the delicious brews while also enjoying the company of your fur buddy nearby. Watching your pet frolic and make new friends only heightens your sense of contentment, making the brewery a perfect destination for quality bonding time.

Big Daddy’s Restaurant at Kure Beach

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Kure Beach, Big Daddy’s Restaurant stands as a culinary gem that attracts both local residents and tourists alike. Famous for its stellar seafood offerings and its warm, pet-friendly ambiance, this dining establishment adds a new dimension to beachside dining with a touch of congeniality that envelops your furry companions as well.

Within the walls of Big Daddy’s Restaurant, the freshest of oceanic treasures are transformed into mouth-watering, creative dishes. As you pore over their enticing selection of seafood dishes, you’ll be struck by the unique blend of traditional and contemporary preparations. From sumptuous, butter-soaked lobster to crisp, golden-battered fish and chips, and from tender calamari to refreshing and bright ceviche, the menu at Big Daddy’s paints an inspiring gastronomic landscape that encapsulates the essence of undersea delicacies.

Accompanying these delectable dishes is the engaging and inviting setting that Big Daddy’s Restaurant offers. Paying homage to the free-spirited companionship of our four-legged friends, Big Daddy’s offers a pet-friendly outdoor seating area. This tastefully adorned outdoor space presents a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where your furry friends are not only accepted but welcomed.

Vacation with Carolina Beach Realty

In conclusion, it is clear that Carolina Beach provides an array of vibrant, welcoming, and diverse attractions for both you and your furry friend to explore. Whether it’s the lively atmosphere of the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, the historical richness of the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, the refreshing draughts at Good Hops Brewing, or the flavorful seafood at Big Daddy’s Restaurant, a rewarding and memorable experience is guaranteed.

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