Enhancing Your Vacation in Carolina Beach & Kure Beach with Equipment Rentals

Taking a vacation in North Carolina’s Carolina Beach and Kure Beach isn’t just a trip—it’s an experience. These coastal paradise towns, with their pristine sandy beaches, invigorating ocean breezes, and breathtaking views, are the perfect places to build unforgettable memories.

But, getting your family and beach paraphernalia loaded into the car might seem like packing for a month-long expedition. You might be asking yourself, “How am I going to fit in the bicycles, paddleboards, and all those toys for the little ones?”

The answer lies in equipment rentals.

Why Rent Instead of Buy?

Renting equipment for your beach vacation has multiple advantages. Not only does it save you the hassle of lugging around cumbersome items from home, but it also spares you the worry of purchasing equipment that you may only use once or twice a year. Plus, with many local businesses offering competitive rental prices, you’ll likely save money too.

Local Beach Equipment Rentals In Carolina Beach and Kure Beach

The coastal paradises of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach host numerous local businesses that specialize in beach equipment rentals. These services greatly enhance the holiday experience of visitors by providing top-notch equipment necessary for an enjoyable beach vacation. Each of these businesses offers a unique mix of services to cater for a wide array of beach-oriented needs.

Tony Silvagni Surf School-

Tony Silvagni’s Surf School, a popular name in the rental business, is well-respected for its commitment to providing quality beach equipment. Founded by Tony Silvagni, a professional surfer and gold medalist, this school is not just a rental spot, but a place where you can experience the true surfing culture. Their rental service includes a diverse range of gear, indispensable for a perfect beach day.

You can rent necessities such as beach chairs and umbrellas, ensuring your comfort while keeping you protected from the sun’s rays. For those interested in riding the waves, Tony Silvagni’s Surf School offers surfboards and skimboards for rent. Their selections cater to different levels, whether you are a beginner just getting started on the tides or an expert surfer searching for a high-performance board.

One notable aspect of Tony Silvagni’s Surf School is their accommodating service—they offer delivery straight to your location. This way, you need not worry about transporting the rented items. Your selected gear will be waiting for you at the beach, allowing you to kick-start your adventure immediately.


Another reliable source for beach rentals is Pleasure Island Rentals. With more than 20 years serving visitors of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, Pleasure Island Rentals have established themselves as a go-to for high-quality equipment and customer satisfaction.

They boast an extensive inventory that promises to make your beach visit more convenient and enjoyable. You can find beach lounges for those lazy afternoons enjoying the sound of waves and leafing through a good book, umbrellas for when you need shade against the vibrant sun, and carts to transport your picnic items or other beach supplies.

Pleasure Island Rentals emphasizes the quality and maintenance of their equipment. All items undergo routine checks to ensure they meet the company’s high standard of excellence. This attention to detail results in gear that’s not only reliable and safe but also clean and aesthetically pleasing—adding that extra touch to your beach setup.

When it comes to beach vacations in Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, remember that there are local businesses ready to assist you. By choosing services like Tony Silvagni’s Surf School and Pleasure Island Rentals, you’re ensuring a stress-free vacation that maximizes comfort and ease, allowing you more time to indulge in the mesmerizing beach vibes and create cherished memories.

Explore Carolina Beach and Kure Beach by Bike

Cycling through the serene, picturesque towns of Carolina Beach or Kure Beach is undeniably one of the best ways to imbibe the essence of these coastal treasures. It lets you travel at your pace, stopping to admire the quaint shops, charming cafes, and friendly locals at every turn. It allows you to enjoy the sea breeze and soft sunlight while staying active and healthy during your vacation.


A well-established local favorite, Island Cycles, is renowned for offering visitors a superb range of options to meet their cycling needs. With daily, weekly, and even longer-term bicycle rental packages available, they ensure you can enjoy these gem towns at your leisure.

At Island Cycles, they take immense pride in accommodating cyclists of varying preferences and skill levels. Their extensive selection of bicycles ensures that there is something suitable for everyone. Here’s a glimpse into their offerings:

  • Geared Bikes – Perfect for tackling the varied terrain that Carolina Beach and Kure Beach have to offer, geared bikes are equipped with robust frames and knobby tires designed for better grip and suspension. So be it an off-road adventure or a leisurely ride along the streets, these bikes will serve you well.
  • Beach cruisers – These are the ideal choice for those looking to leisurely explore the oceanfront paths or simply take a relaxing ride to their favorite ice cream parlor. They offer comfort, style, and a convenient, upright riding position that affords you the perfect vantage point for admiring your surroundings.
  • Kids’ bikes and trailers – Introduce your little ones to two-wheeled adventures and encourage them to embrace the thrill of cycling. Island Cycles has a variety of children’s bicycles and trailers to make family rides flawless.

Island Cycles makes it their mission to ensure your cycling experience in Carolina Beach and Kure Beach is truly memorable. So the next time you plan your visit to these coastal paradises, consider renting a bicycle and immersing yourself in the beauty and charm they have to offer. 

Golf Cart Rentals in Carolina Beach and Kure Beach: Your Key to Relaxed Exploration

Navigating the towns of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach in a leisurely fashion adds a new dimension to your vacation experience. A fun and relaxing mode of transportation that perfectly fits the charming ambiance of these coastal towns is a golf cart. Whether you want to explore the lively boardwalk, visit local museums and attractions, or cruise by the beach, renting a golf cart can be a unique and enjoyable way to tour the area.


Carolina Golf Cars is known for being an enthusiast’s dream, as the company has been offering innovative and reliable golf car solutions for over 35 years. They have an impressive selection of golf carts available for rent to meet your unique exploration needs.

Their fleet ranges from standard two-seater cars for intimate exploration to larger six-seater golf cars capable of accommodating a full family or group of friends. You can also choose your preferred mode of operation – electric or gas, each with its own advantages. Electric golf carts offer quiet, clean, and efficient rides while gas golf carts are synonymous with power and performance.

Carolina Golf Cars ensures each golf cart is well-maintained and clean, guaranteeing you a comfortable and smooth ride. With the convenience of their rental service, you can spend the day cruising down the town streets, soak in picturesque surroundings, or enjoy a beautiful sunset ride along the beach.


SunFun Rentals provides a range of rental packages and pricing to ensure there is something to suit every vacationer’s budget and needs. Their golf cart rental packages vary according to length, starting from single-day rentals to weekly packages.

SunFun Rentals takes pride in making their golf cart rental service as seamless as possible. They offer prompt delivery and pick-up services for their clients and strongly advise making online reservations 48 hours in advance to ensure availability.

With a focus on providing a stellar rental experience, SunFun Rentals ensures that their golf carts are well-maintained and provide a comfortable drive during your Carolina Beach and Kure Beach vacation. Renting a golf cart allows you to navigate the picturesque beach towns in style while making unforgettable memories with your friends and family.

Water Sports Adventure in Carolina Beach and Kure Beach

Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are popular vacation destinations in North Carolina known for their pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes, and a plethora of recreational activities. Despite their tranquil settings, these destinations offer a thrilling array of water sports and adventures. From the adrenaline rush of paddleboarding to the serene enjoyment of kayaking, this coastal locale is the ultimate playground for water sports enthusiasts.

Kayak Carolina, a premier destination for kayak rentals in Wilmington and the wider Cape Fear region, invites you to immersive watersport experiences. Their service spans across multiple breathtaking locations including Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, Carolina Beach, and Fort Fisher.

Kayak Carolina stands out due to its extensive range of kayaks suitable for various kinds of watersport lovers. Their impressive fleet includes:

  • Single sit-on-top kayaks
  • Single cockpit kayaks
  • Double sit-on-top kayaks
  • Double cockpit kayaks

Each type of kayak offers unique characteristics to ensure your on-water adventure meets all your expectations, whether you plan to paddle solo, share a kayak with a friend, or embark on a specialized activity such as fishing.

When you rent a kayak from Kayak Carolina, you receive more than just the equipment. Every kayak rental includes:

  • Delivery of your kayak to the designated location
  • Seatbacks for comfort during your journey
  • A paddle to navigate the waters
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for ensured safety
  • Trail map to help you explore without getting lost
  • Instruction if desired, allowing even beginners to enjoy their time on the water confidently

With safety and satisfaction at their core, Kayak Carolina sets itself apart by providing not only top-quality equipment but also the necessary accessories and briefings to ensure an enjoyable and safe kayaking experience.


Specialty Kayaking Sites


Kayak Carolina offers rental services at several iconic locations each with a unique offering:

  • Zekes Island: Venture out into the flat water of the Fort Fisher basin where there is little or no boat traffic.
  • Sharks Tooth Island: Search for real shark teeth and fossils while kayaking in the Cape Fear River.
  • Masonboro Island: Paddle through the calm, flatwater salt marsh creeks behind the island, and explore the 8 miles of uninhabited beach.

With locations to suit every interest, from the keen nature enthusiast to the adventurous explorer, these sites offered by Kayak Carolina enrich your kayaking experience.


Pleasure Island Rentals prides itself on a broad and diverse range of high-quality rental options that cater to different preferences and skill levels. Their equipment offerings extend beyond just kayaks and paddleboards. They also offer surfboards, bikes, beach chairs, umbrellas, and more to provide a comprehensive vacation experience.

Their selection includes state-of-the-art kayaks and paddleboards that are perfect for both beginners and seasoned watersport enthusiasts. If you’re yearning for a tranquil paddling experience or seeking the thrill of surfing a wave, Pleasure Island Rentals has got you covered.

Pleasure Island Rentals stands out from the crowd with their hassle-free reservation process. Their services include easy online booking and fast delivery to various beach locations. This convenience allows customers to start their adventure without delay and with less worry.

Ready to ignite your adventurous spirit? From kayaking to paddleboarding, Pleasure Island Rentals is ready to make your water sports adventure unforgettable. Their dedication to providing high-quality, safe, and eco-friendly services make them a trusted partner in your Carolina Beach and Kure Beach experience.

Choose Carolina Beach and Kure Beach for an Unmatched Vacation Experience

Captivating scenery, vibrant wildlife, and unforgettable adventures come together in a unique blend at Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. Unspoiled beauty coupled with a wide range of activities create a perfect backdrop for your next getaway. Imagine paddling through the tranquil waters, cruising around the island on a bicycle, or just lounging on the beach – the opportunities for creating memorable moments are endless.

However, the location is just one piece of the puzzle. Where you choose to stay can significantly elevate your vacation experience. Choosing to stay with us at Carolina Beach Realty offers more than just a room to rest, providing a home-away-from-home nestled in this splendid shoreline paradise.

Our diverse selection of high-quality, comfortable rental properties caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Regardless if you’re seeking a cozy oceanfront cottage for a romantic getaway, a spacious condo for a family vacation, or a luxurious beach house for a large group, our offerings can comfortably accommodate.

In addition to providing high-quality accommodations, we strive to render top-notch customer service, aiming to ensure your vacation is as relaxing and worry-free as possible. Our team, ingrained with local knowledge, is always ready to help with any queries or concerns. We also offer the advantage of location, with our properties are ideally positioned close to local attractions and activities – including those offered by esteemed providers like Kayak Carolina and Pleasure Island Rentals.

Start your day taking in the beautiful sunrise from your private balcony, spend your day exploring the lush water trails and marine life, and at the end of the day, return to your comfortable lodging to recharge and create lasting memories.

Choosing to vacation in Carolina Beach and Kure Beach and stay with Carolina Beach Realty means embracing relaxed coastal living, indulging in unique water adventures, and experiencing incredible hospitality. 

Book now with Carolina Beach Realty and allow us to contribute to your unforgettable vacation at Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. All you need to do is pack your bags and let the magic of these North Carolina beaches captivate your heart and soul.