Top 10 Activities for Kids in Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach, a beloved spot on the North Carolina coast, is brimming with activities perfect for families eager to make some lasting memories. 

From the peaceful expanses of Carolina Beach State Park, where children can be amazed by the rare Venus flytrap, to the lively Carolina Beach Boardwalk, teeming with fun rides and delicious treats, there’s a wealth of adventure waiting. 

Whether you’re cracking codes in the iEscape Rooms, discovering the importance of healthy eating at The Veggie Wagon, or riding waves with Tony Silvagni’s Surfing School, each activity is thoughtfully designed to entertain, enlighten, and engage. 

This guide takes you through the best activities for kids in Carolina Beach, ensuring a mix of excitement, education, and relaxation that meets the wishes of every family. Let’s dive into these specially selected adventures that promise to turn your Carolina Beach visit into an extraordinary journey.

1. Carolina Beach State Park

Carolina Beach State Park

Carolina Beach State Park is a fantastic spot for families with kids looking for adventure, learning, and a bit of chill time. Spread across 761 acres along the North Carolina coast, this park is a treasure trove of nature, famously home to the rare Venus flytrap among its diverse plant life. 

Kids can have a blast exploring the park’s trails, which are kid-friendly and weave through beautiful scenes of sandy dunes and lush forests, perfect for a fun day of discovery.

The park’s marina opens up a world of water-based fun with opportunities for fishing, boating, or just soaking up the peaceful views of the Cape Fear River. There are also plenty of educational programs that are both fun and enlightening, designed to get kids excited about nature and the importance of taking care of our planet.

With its picnic spots, camping sites, and a peaceful vibe, Carolina Beach State Park is an ideal place for families to spend a day full of exploration and relaxation. It’s more than just a park; it’s a place where kids can feed their curiosity and develop a love for nature.

2. Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Carolina Beach Boardwalk is a vibrant spot bursting with fun for kids and families. Picture a place where every step brings a new adventure, with shops, places to eat, and entertainment at every turn. The boardwalk shines bright with its amusement park, drawing children in with rides that light up their faces with smiles, from the excitement of a Ferris wheel ride offering breathtaking ocean views to the laughter that fills the air.

Arcades along the boardwalk bring out the competitive spirit in everyone, with games that challenge and delight, and the promise of prizes to take home. And let’s talk about treats – if your kids dream of sweets, they’re in for a treat. Imagine the smell of homemade fudge and the countless flavors of ice cream just waiting to be tasted.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. The boardwalk lights up the night with fireworks that make every evening special, casting a spell of light and color over the beach. Throughout the year, the boardwalk becomes a stage for live music and movies under the stars, creating those perfect moments that stick with you forever.

From the thrill of the rides and games to the simple joy of a walk along the beach, Carolina Beach Boardwalk captures the essence of a day at the beach, making it a memorable place for kids and families alike.

3. iEscape Rooms

iEscape Rooms in Carolina Beach are a fantastic way for families to dive into an adventure that steps away from the usual beach day. These escape rooms bring everyone together, challenging minds and encouraging teamwork in a way that’s super fun for both kids and adults. 

Imagine being detectives in a mystery story or treasure hunters on a thrilling quest. Each room is its own little world, filled with puzzles and clues that you have to solve as a team to “escape” before time runs out.

What really makes iEscape Rooms stand out is how they manage to make the puzzles just right for kids of all ages while still keeping adults engaged and challenged. This means everyone in the family gets to be a part of the action, solving puzzles and contributing to the adventure, which is a great way for everyone to feel proud and connected. Plus, with different themes, there’s always a new story to jump into, so you can come back for another round of fun.

The folks who run iEscape Rooms are also incredibly friendly and great at making kids feel right at home. They’re there to guide you through the adventure, ensuring everyone’s having a good time and feeling part of the story from start to finish.

4. The Veggie Wagon

At Carolina Beach, The Veggie Wagon stands out as a go-to spot for families, especially those with kids. This friendly, local market is all about bringing fresh, locally sourced fruits and veggies right to your basket, along with homemade treats and a variety of health-focused products. 

But it’s not just a place to shop; The Veggie Wagon turns grocery getting into an adventure for kids. Through hands-on workshops, little ones can learn about the journey of food from farm to plate, the benefits of munching on fruits and vegetables, and even try their hand at whipping up simple, healthy snacks. 

These activities are a fun way to teach kids about eating right and caring for the planet, showing them the value of supporting local farmers and sustainable practices.

The Veggie Wagon also spices things up with taste tests and seasonal celebrations, ensuring each visit offers something new and exciting. The vibrant displays of produce and artisan goods are a feast for the eyes, making every trip a delightful experience. 

For parents seeking meaningful and enjoyable outings for their children, The Veggie Wagon in Carolina Beach hits the mark. It’s a place where learning about health and community comes alive in the most enjoyable way.

5. Carolina Beach Arcade

Carolina Beach Arcade is a bright spot of fun, packed with both classic and modern arcade games that entertain kids and kids-at-heart alike. Located right in the heart of Carolina Beach, this arcade brings to life a world of color and excitement with games that range from the old-school charm of skee-ball and pinball to the cutting-edge excitement of the latest video games. 

It’s a place where the challenge meets fun, creating an environment where children can engage, compete, and most importantly, have a great time.

This spot is more than just a collection of games; it’s a community gathering place where families can laugh, play, and make memories that stick. 

With machines that run on tokens and a prize counter that dazzles with toys and gadgets, the arcade buzzes with the sound of happiness and lively activity. The staff here are friendly and inviting, ensuring everyone has a good time in a safe setting.

The arcade’s prime location makes it a breeze to check out other nearby attractions, fitting perfectly into any day plan, whether it’s a beach day or an evening walk on the boardwalk. 

Here, kids can revel in the joy of play and the excitement of winning, while parents have the option to play along or watch their little ones light up with joy. Carolina Beach Arcade is a piece of timeless fun, merging the nostalgic with the thrill of today’s gaming world.

6. Carolina Beach Inshore Adventures

At Carolina Beach Inshore Adventures, families find themselves diving into an exhilarating journey across the coastal waters, tailor-made for those eager to introduce their little ones to the joys of fishing or just to soak up the stunning marine landscape. Led by seasoned skippers, these trips are a gentle yet thrilling venture into the calm inshore waters, making it perfectly safe for kids. It’s not just about casting lines; it’s a chance for children to get up close with the underwater world. They’ll learn about the fish that dart beneath the waves, the importance of looking after our oceans, and might even reel in their very first catch. But it’s more than fishing; it’s about spotting dolphins, learning to identify different sea creatures, and getting hands-on with conservation efforts. The boats come fully equipped with all the safety gear needed, so parents can relax and enjoy the adventure too. Carolina Beach Inshore Adventures is all about creating those unforgettable moments that inspire a deep love for the natural world among kids, making it a must-do for families hitting the shores of Carolina Beach.

7. Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher is a fantastic spot for families visiting Carolina Beach, blending historical intrigue with the natural beauty of the North Carolina coast. This Civil War-era fort was a key player in the Confederacy, safeguarding vital supply routes. 

Nowadays, it’s a place where kids can dive into American history through interactive displays and artifacts, and the visitor center brings the past to life in a way that’s easy for kids to grasp. The area around the fort offers plenty of space for running around and playing, set against the backdrop of stunning ocean and marsh landscapes.

The site doesn’t just stop at history. Just a stone’s throw away, the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area and the Aquarium open up even more possibilities for adventure. Kids can hit the trails for some hiking, engage in some bird watching, or get face-to-face with marine creatures. 

The aquarium runs programs specially designed for young ones, teaching them about the local ecosystems and the importance of protecting our planet’s biodiversity. From exploring historic ruins to making friends with fish, Fort Fisher makes learning exciting and memorable for kids, offering a perfect mix of education and outdoor fun.

8. Michael’s Seafood Restaurant

Michael’s Seafood Restaurant is a favorite spot in Carolina Beach for families looking for a great meal and a good time. Known for its delicious seafood chowder and a menu full of fresh, locally caught seafood, there’s something here for everyone, kids included. 

The place really shines when it comes to making families feel at home. Children get their own menus, along with coloring sheets and crayons to keep them entertained. Parents can relax in a friendly atmosphere while everyone enjoys some of the best food the beach has to offer. 

It’s this blend of tasty eats, fun for the kids, and a welcoming vibe that makes Michael’s Seafood Restaurant a top pick for families visiting Carolina Beach.

9. The Mermaid Castle

The Mermaid Castle in Carolina Beach is a magical spot for kids who love everything about mermaids. This shop is a colorful and fun place where children can find all sorts of mermaid-themed gifts, decorations, and clothes. It’s like stepping into a mermaid’s world, with plenty of mermaid tails, shells, and accessories to spark their imagination and encourage pretend play. 

The Mermaid Castle also holds special events and activities that dive deeper into mermaid tales and lore, making it a perfect place for families looking for a themed adventure. It’s a charming destination for young ones eager to explore the enchanting side of the sea.

10. Tony Silvagni’s Surfing School

Tony Silvagni’s Surfing School

At Tony Silvagni’s Surfing School, kids get to experience the excitement of catching waves at Carolina Beach under the guidance of professional surfer Tony Silvagni and his team of expert instructors. 

This school welcomes children of all skill levels, offering personalized lessons that focus on safety, fun, and learning. It’s not just about surfing; it’s also about understanding ocean safety and the importance of respecting the environment. 

The warm, encouraging atmosphere at the school helps kids gain confidence, make friends, and discover a love for surfing. With top-notch equipment provided for each student, every young surfer has what they need to succeed, making it a hit for families in search of unforgettable beach adventures.

Vacation with Carolina Beach Realty

Vacationing with Carolina Beach Realty at offers more than just a stay, it’s a treasure trove of experiences, especially for families. Our rich array of activities in Carolina Beach ensures a fun-filled and memorable journey. Why not immerse in the stunning natural expanse of Carolina Beach State Park with us? Or stimulate your mind with exciting puzzle-solving at iEscape Rooms? Each of our carefully crafted activities aims to ignite curiosity, provide learning opportunities and ensure a fantastic time.

At Carolina Beach, there truly is an adventure for every child. Encourage their inner adventurer by catching waves at Tony Silvagni’s Surfing School, or allow them to explore a rich historical tapestry at Fort Fisher. Cap off the day with delightful treats on the vibrant Boardwalk.

Carolina Beach is more than just a destination, it’s a blend of learning experiences, outdoor fun, and gastronomical delights that cater to the entire family. Choose us as your trusted vacation partner, and embark on this beachside adventure where every visit is laden with enriching, joyful memories that are as fulfilling as they are exciting. With Carolina Beach Realty, your family escape awaits.