Partial Week Rentals

Carolina Beach Realty - Partial Week Rental Pricing Guide

Carolina Beach Realty offers daily rentals on most every property listed. Most properties offer a 2 night minimum stay, while some others require a 3 night stay. We make it very simple for you to calculate the cost for a partial week rental, and in doing so, we also stick to our, Carolina Beach Realty Advantage. To calculate the cost of a partial week vacation use the following chart:

2 nights-45% of weekly rate

3 nights-60% of weekly rate

4 nights-70% of weekly rate

5 nights-85% of weekly rate

***13% tax must be applied to rate for total cost***

The weekly rate that is mentioned above refers to the advertised weekly rate on the property page, for the season (period) you wish to visit. Please note that we require 7 day rentals for reservations in June, July and August, you can refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more info on this.

Reservations made for a full week can be made through our online booking system. Guests MUST contact our office via email or phone in order to book partial week rentals.